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About Us

Formed in 2000, Multi Agro Impex, a Singapore-based company, has established itself as a prominent international trading firm, specializing in Timber trading. Over the years, Multi Agro has managed operations and formed long-term business liaisons in many regions of the world, making it a truly global firm. A non-exhaustive list of these regions include- Asia (Malaysia, India), Oceania (New Zealand, Papua New Guinea), Europe (Belgium, Germany, Spain), Africa (Ghana, Benin, Nigeria), and South America (Ecuador, Guyana, Uruguay).

What we do?

In true trading sense MAI brings the suppliers and buyers from all these countries on same platform thus helping in both Supply Chain Management and Finance Management. We enable importers to fulfill their specific timber requirements from the large array of species available worldwide as the suppliers do not encourage pick and choose method. Our higher capacity and resources allow us to offer variety to our customers at competitive prices. Since the local markets have complex financial procedures, tough money rotation; it becomes difficult for individuals business setups to take care of international trading norms. Multi Agro Impex handles the complex financial processes, trust factors, geographical and language barriers thus providing hassle free trading services.

The Management

The company is headed by its founder Mr. Vinod Kumar Jain, who also holds the roles of Director and CEO. The management team consists of individuals with expertise in various fields of the business, including Finance, Quality Control, Management, and IT solutions. These professionals are committed to providing end-to-end services, fulfilling all contractual obligations, even in a fluctuating market rate environment. Multi Agro has the customers interests’ at heart, and provides the most selective and suitable products after analyzing individual industry needs. Above all, Multi Agro values the relationships that are forged through business- establishing its brand and becoming synonymous with Trust and Quality.

Why Multi Agro?

  • We are one of the major players in the Indian Timber Market.
  • We enjoy strong relations with all leading banks in Singapore.
  • We commit to agreed terms, irrespective of unfavourable market fluctuations.
  • We deal in a diverse range of products, including Hardwood/Softwood; and Lumber/Logs.
  • We practice transparency with regards to providing product information.
  • We observe our social and environmental responsibility by only trading in Timber originates from sustainable sources.

Multi Agro Impex | Singapore | Timber Logs Supplier

Green Policy

Trading in woods is a sensitive matter. We often see in the media images of forest destruction particularly in the tropics, with timber companies cast as the main culprits. One thing that is certain is that the environment in general and forest ecosystems in particular are very complex. We at MAI are very conscious of the need to support the efforts of our Suppliers to operate under the principles of sound forest management. MAI is a signatory and firm supporter of the environmental balance which commits members to responsibly source their timber requirements and monitor their supplier’s environmental performance. One thing is for sure, it is only a strong forestry industry operating with sound forest management (however certified or verified) that will endow the forests with sufficient economic value to preserve them for the future. We buying woods from sustainable forests or plantation and other environmental friendly resources.

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